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Restaurant: Applebee's

Address: 129 N Michigan Ave, Atlantic City (Atlantic), New Jersey (NJ), 08401

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2.6 based on 5 ratings
Food: Food
04/05/2015 6:57 pm

I love the Applebee's in Atlantic City, NJ. I think the staff is very kind and very friendly. I also feel their portions are a lot bigger than other Applebee's. I prefer AC!

Food: Food
01/30/2015 11:06 pm

The service was ok butthe wonton tacos looked as if they were burnt. I did not appreciate how dark they were every other applebees I've visited not that dark. also all my dishes were a little smaller than normal and I had a full meal and appetizers to take home and the gave me so many little togo boxes. please stop being so cheap , I had to ask another waiter for a bigger to go box . I love applebees so please step up yalls game if you want to see returning customers.

Food: Food
09/03/2014 11:17 pm

this applebees in AC is hands down the worst i've been too in years . to start my wifes experience in the ladies bathroom was "atrocious" she stated that there was all kinds of female used toiletries over flowing the waste basket and it looked as if it wasn't cleaned in months. ok, next was our order, the waitress screwed up our order and brought out 2 plates so that we would share the one meal. (what was that about) then the store manager came out and we gave him our complaint, but he didnt even try to correct the situation . he offered a half ass apology then left . the waitress was no help either . i give this place 2 thumbs down .

Food: Food
08/28/2014 12:20 pm

Upon entering the restaurant I was greeted and seated by a woman whose accent was so thick I couldn't understand a word she said. It was an early lunch, so the restaurant was nearly empty. Multiple servers were gathered at a table by the bar, unaware of their surroundings and doing absolutely nothing. We sat for about 15 minutes before one of the gathered severs said "someone's here, who's got it?" When the other employees turned around, the man who had previously spoken pointed directly at me, laughed, and said "she's right there staring at me!" A different server came over to our table and said "I'm sorry.. I didn't see you there." The other employee continued walking around the restaurant telling coworkers that I still wouldn't stop staring at him, when I was simply viewing my surroundings. I got the American Standard burger, which was lacking on the bacon and onion. I asked for no pickles and after the food arrived the server asked "there's no pickles on that right?" before I had even tasted the burger, and to be honest, I was kind of relying on him and the kitchen staff to be sure of that! He spoke awkwardly and could definitely use more training. I would have given the place one star based solely on the staff, however once the server relaxed he made it up to us with kindness and by charging us for waters rather than the two cups of pepsi we ordered, and the one cup of iced tea my sister ordered before she realized applebees only has its own sugar substitute and doesn't provide the option between sweet-n-low and splenda. The food was average, the staff slightly less than average - nothing worth coming back for, especially the filthy bathroom.

Food: Food
07/14/2014 12:23 am

We went during the dinner rush so it took a while to be seated. Since the restaurant is close enough to other stores a few friends stayed while the rest wandered around to shop a little more, which is very convenient. However, when we were seated we felt very rushed to order, eat, and pay so they can get the next wave of people in. The food and atmosphere was the same as any other Applebee's location but being rushed really made for a poor experience I do not want to go through again.

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