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Restaurant: Chipotle

Address: 1209 N Charles St, Baltimore (Baltimore City), Maryland (MD), 21201

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Phone: (443) 681-1204

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2.8 based on 5 ratings
Lacto, Mexican, Fast Food, Non-veg
Food: Food
12/03/2015 4:31 pm

Chipotle is a decent chain this is by far the worst one I've ever experienced. They typically give me jalapeño because I don't like the nasty, highly processed chemical laden hot sauces they use. Plus they aren't hot enough. The last time a lazy employee refused to give me the jalapeño. I asked for the manager and some girl with her face covered in half a dozen piercings claimed to be the manager. Obviously that's not accurate because there is someone above her who actually looks human. I don't understand how having that many facial piercings while working in food service doesn't violate some health code. Other fast food places make employees remove them
But I don't think they take health codes seriously anyway, I found hair in the food before. I asked to pay extra for the jalapeño but freak show was just rude and unprofessional so I left the food and left. Don't waste your time here they can even spell service or quality and definitely don't care about it.

Food: Food
11/16/2015 7:53 pm

Good food,I love the location.Just do not like the panhandlers that hang out front.

Food: Food
07/27/2015 2:22 pm

I have visited this location many times and the experience is always pleasant and service is consistent. This was Pride week-end in Baltimore and this location was in the heart of the activity...I received great service with a smile(the young man behind the counter KEPT a sincere smile on his face even with the rude customers. It was no more crowded than normal, but all of the staff that I encountered had good attitudes and pleasant demeanors...I live in Towson(near the Chipotle on York Road) but this is my "go to" location because of the customer service...can you clone the young(African American) man at the front of the line? He ALWAYS has a great attitude, which says a lot in this day and age...especially in Baltimore.

Food: Food
04/27/2015 9:36 pm

As someone who has been going to this Chipotle since it opened, here is what I hope is a pretty honest appraisal of the location.

When this Chipotle first opened, it had some growing pains. There was a while where only one person could wrap a burrito without tearing it for months. A couple of years have passed, and now the service is much better.

The service here might still be a little slower than the Hunt Valley location, or the Inner Harbor location, but not by much. You'll still be in and out in 10-15 minutes on a busy day. The staff is really friendly, and I think that that's a fair trade-off for a little speed.

Do they run out of things? Sure, but not until late. If you absolutely have to have The Works every time you go to Chipotle, go before 8:30.

As for the accusations that people assume you want things that you don't want, I have seen that happen, but only with lettuce. If you're vegan or something, don't worry, no one is going to dump meat on your veggie bowl.

In short, this is a perfectly nice Chipotle that got off to a rocky start.

Food: Food
01/31/2015 6:22 pm

I placed an online order this morning that was supposed to be ready to pick up at 12:00PM. I arrived at the store at about 12:30PM, and the order hadn't even begun to be prepared. I noticed the cashier went over to the start of the line and moved a receipt toward the person heating tortillas as if to start my order. Then it took another ten minutes before my order actually reached the cashier. In the meantime, there was so much confusion and disarray behind the counter that customers standing in line were looking at each other in frustration and mouthing words like "ridiculous."

I have been a regular patron at this location for about two years now, and this is the second consecutive visit where something like this has happened to me, but honestly I've noticed the quality of the service slipping starting about six months ago. I asked to speak to the manager, and the cashier went into the back. After nobody came out after several minutes, I had to yell that I wanted to speak to a manager. At this point, some of the other customers who had become frustrated had gathered around me and were waiting for the manager to come out. An older African American lady said that she could see that they were just joking around in the back, having a good time, not caring that they were wasting our time and being disrespectful. A young Hispanic woman came out and said that she was the apprentice manager. She had no explanation and offered no apology; she only said, "But your order is ready now, sir, isn't it?" I reminded her that I had been coming into the store as long as I had, that everyone there knew me by my first name and was friendly with me, but that even I couldn't accept this behavior. I told her then, and I'll say it again now, that I'm never coming back to that location.

After I took my order and got in my car to come home, I realized that I actually felt relieved that I wouldn't have to deal with the incomptenence and disrespect from the Chipotle staff at 1209 N. Charles Street any more. If I thought that speaking with the manager at the location would do any good, I would direct my concerns to him (Victor), but as it happens, Victor must already be aware of these issues. After my last visit, he noticed how long I had been made to wait, and gave me coupons for discounted burritos. I don't want any discounted burritos, I don't want anything for free, I just want to get decent service and to be treated with respect when I go to Chipotle.

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