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Restaurant: Green Bites Cafe

Address: 1290 S Bascom Ave, Ste A, San Jose (Santa Clara), California (CA), 95128

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Phone: (408) 292-1440

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3.4 based on 5 ratings
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Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Juice Bar, American, Non-veg
Food: Food
04/28/2015 6:36 pm

I would love to give this cafe a five star rating however, I found the owners to be quite rude. First I ordered a White Zombie coffee drink. The drink read $4.00 however with Almond Milk I was charged $6.53 and as the owner rung it up said "wait is that right?" Apparently, he too was taken aback by the ridiculous up charge. The drink itself tasted like watered down almond milk and was barely drinkable. My 5 year old son then ordered a $3.00 cookie that was utterly disgusting. hen asked if I could switch it out the owner said I needed to talk to the husband because "no, they don't do that" She stated the cookie was already purchased and a bite was taken from it. I replied, "yes, that is how I know it was disgusting" We abruptly left and unfortunately, will not return. However, to be fair, the vegan burrito was delicious which is why I found this all to be extremely frustrating.

Food: Food
01/13/2015 4:44 pm

The food is great and provides a lot of healthy and tasty items. Always fresh and the owners will work with you on any kind of option or meal planning. I usually go first thing at 7:00 AM and they always give me a happy start to my day.

Food: Food
01/07/2015 8:41 pm

HORRIBLE Place to eat in.and very nasty,RUDE owners. They are a married couple and the husband is mentally sick. I felt sorry when I discovered that and they are Very Racist people too. I simply came in one morning 7am after my workout and asked the husband about post workout meals bcoz he is supposedly some sort of gym/health nut etc., He repeatedly tried to give me some kind of enchiladas to serve me as a post workout carbohydrate etc,...I politely kept repeating the word "post workout Carbs" and that I can only eat those at the time but he apparently didnt know what that meant. Weird!!?? he has a special "body builders menu" for customers. So that's when his racist side came out and he told me in a fast Be-bop tone.. "YOU know what !?!?? Im not gonna serve ur freaking face...You can get the hell out of my store" and then just ran off in the back..i was stunned at that & said "a**hole" out loud to him. His wife then stepped in from kitchen side to throw water in my face which immediately caused me to call the police as that is surely some kind of assault!! I waited for the police to come and just stepped back in store to retrieve my credit card when the husband and the wife jumped in to shove me out of the store..and their language vocabulary was quite Faul!! They were throwing everything from motherF**er to this Fu**en guy..and few other bad words that I just thought was simply uncalled for..

I would not leave as I wanted to get my card that was misplaced in this whole ordeal..and then the wife picked up the phone after hubby asked her to call for police assistance.. She says.." Hi, 911.?!? I have this Black guy here that is harassing us and doesn't want to leave our place" wow that stunned me and confirmed all of my racist beliefs..then I politely exited the place to wait for cops outside as there is clearly something else fueling their hatred..
Little did they know that i was born in Croatia and lived with white people for 20 years of my young life... They judged me by the color of my skin, not the inside of my's soo Sad!! This was also 4 days before Christmas which shows you how much worse their attitude can be year round!!!

I will tell you. These people are rare business owners..the likes I have never seen in my life.. they run their business like couple of 8th graders..and treat people like they have millions of dollars...they choose to operate in their own hours 7am-3pm and excluding weekends..they treat people very unprofessionally...that should tell you something about their lazy behinds..

I want to WARN other people that are reading this that if you are anything else than white and of course "asian" like the owners will receive "Very POOR" customer service..the kind you have not seen in a Loong time!!!!!! I Guarantee you that!!! I was just DISGUSTED!!!

Food: Food
08/05/2013 7:23 pm

It's nice to find a Cafe with healthy well proportioned options. The food took a little while to come out, but they were packed at lunch. I really enjoy their fresh pressed juice selections. They have a "fit" menu with portions that are precisely measured out which I think is great if that is what you're into. There are a ton of gluten-free options and I even think they make their own gluten-free bread. It is a pretty tiny place and the ambiance leaves something to be desired, but if you are looking for a nice healthy meal this is a great option.

Food: Food
02/19/2013 12:25 pm

I can't decide if their food is delicious, fantastic, or just plain yummy. Maybe all three? I'll have to go back to decide.

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