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Restaurant: Janitzio Mexican Restaurant

Address: 4404 Walzem Rd Ste A, San Antonio (Bexar), Texas (TX), 78218

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Phone: (210) 657-7363

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1.6 based on 5 ratings
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Food: Food
03/03/2012 12:18 am

I was very upset when I order a side o guacamole and the chef got all upset and gave me it on a piece of foil , then he starts to yell in the kitchen and trows the guacamole on the ground and uses foul language!!! I spent $15.00 dollars on a chicken fried steak, I love the food and it was my favorite place to eat!! Guess will have to a new place to eat!!

Food: Food
12/31/2011 4:45 am

I consider myself well acquainted with Mexican food and the Mexican culture, and thus considering this I would say the cuisine was sub-par to say the least. I will never be dining here again and recommend others do the same. My chicken tortilla soup was made with canned chicken! The presidente margarita on the rocks was served with no ice and were completely triple sec. The frozen margaritas were just mix with no tequila at all. The taco meat was disgusting, the fajita nacos were awful. The large queso brought to us was tiny and the cheese was cold! The jalape├▒os weren't even cut up that was supposed to be put in the queso! I could go on and on about how bad the food was! Everything was just disgraceful!

Food: Food
12/30/2011 3:19 pm

The food was kind of picey. Side of Guacamole $3.95 wow.
My stomach started hurting during meal and it continued for another day and a half. My husband got sick too.
Would NOT go back. I honestly don't like to see the cooks when they come out and are kind of dirty-- makes you wonder about the kitchen.

Food: Food
06/09/2011 4:38 am

Went for the first time and that's enough for me. The food was decent but the service was so bad it killed the whole experience. When told about the cheap margaritas I instantly ordered one on the rocks and the server snapped back that she doesn't know how to make them on the rocks. I didn't want to make a fuss so I just ordered a frozen. Our server was not only the waitress but the bartender and apparently the cook. She disappeared for a good twenty minutes, and came back sweaty and gross saying she had to make the gorditas. She didn't run our food or ask if we needed anything. All in all this place is not worth your time.

Food: Food
10/10/2010 5:07 pm

It looks like the owners are trying to work on the overall feel of the restaurant, but it still needs serious tweaking.

Even though the service always hit or miss we still enjoy the Puffy tacos enough to keep going back for them.
However our last two visits the order was messed up by the kitchen staff twice, and actually in the same way. I ordered Puffy tacos with avocado due to the fact that I can not eat meat any longer. On the first visit the prepared it with meat and then scraped it off and put in the avocado. Sorry this means it still has meat in it. On the second visit they delivered it with the meat in the taco and the avocado on the side. I of course sent it back and was very specific that I can not eat meat. Well they brought it back immediately with the meat scraped off again. The reason given was that the fryer was full with chips at the moment. Very unacceptable.

I have a successful restaurant and Ifeel I can offer a few observations.
The hostess and waitress were fine but under trained. The gentleman that may have been the Manager seemed to be trying to keep a handle on things but his demeanor was unprofessional and needs to learn to talk to customers in a softer more engaging tone of voice. Also if you are going to change your attire to an all black uniform you may want to insist that the manager is not wearing white tennis shoes.
Terminate the Kitchen Manager, and hire or train someone that takes pride in offering good food "consistently.
I will add that because I was had a small child with me the waitress rightly asked if I preferred a small foam cup so that his drink would not be spilled so easily. This was a good move on her part, but sadly she was told that she would have to charge us an additional 25 cents for the cup. Really? How can you expect to gain customer loyalty by alienating their kids?
I would possibly suggest that the owners and Managers go out to eat in a few of the successful restaurants in town and study them. Good customer service is universal and you can still be original while maintaining it.

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