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Restaurant: Karyn's Fresh Corner

Address: 1901 N Halsted Ave, Chicago (Cook), Illinois (IL), 60614

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Phone: (312) 255-1590

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3.5 based on 6 ratings
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Vegan, Vegetarian
Food: Food
02/09/2016 1:21 am

An "interesting dining adventure awaits" at this River North and Lincoln Park duo, the former mainly vegan, the latter raw, where those "in the mood" to go veggie are "not let down" by the "innovative" fare; still, doubters declare "nothing on the menu stands out", and what's "reasonable" to some is "pricey" to others, but supporters are soothed by the solid "customer service" and laid-back atmosphere.

Food: Food
11/15/2015 5:33 pm

Worst dining experience ever.

My boyfriend and I have been going to Karyn's for years, the one on Green and on Wells, before they both closed. This was our first time coming to the one on Halsted and we will never come back. We walked in and the sign said, "Please wait to be seated" So we waited. And waited. And waited. We looked questioningly at waitstaff, all who looked through us. Then finally a bus boy told us we could just seat ourselves. There were a few tables with people, but not packed. It took a while to take our order, during which we ordered two ice teas and an appetizer. We got our hummus plate, but no tea. Our waitress must have walked past us 3 or 4 times before she actually brought them. Then the waiting really started.

We waited 45 mins before I finally had to stop the waitress (who must have walked right past our table to serve the two people behind us their 4 entrees about a dozen times) and ask her how much longer it would be, and also ask for more of the supposedly bottomless iced tea which had sat empty about a half hour. When our meals finally arrived, my boyfriend's was cold, from waiting from my meal to be finished, and mine was absolutely awful. The veggies and sauce were bland and the rice was horribly salty. Again I had to call her over to explain the food was inedible, something I never do at a restaurant. But after waiting 45 mins I was slightly perturbed. She was very nice and recommended something else and I only had to wait 15 mins for that to come out, but I got to watch my boyfriend eat his cold meal.

So 20 mins after I started eating, I have to call our waitress over and ask for a box and tell her we'd like to order some dessert. We watch her walk back and forth, past us another 5 or 6 times before I call her again, and instead of acknowledging me, she holds up a finger and walks away. I'm normally very patient and I understand she's busy with her 6 tables, but a box. Just drop off a box. She finally does after giving me the finger (index, not middle. boy that would have been icing on the cake!) along with our check...guess we're NOT getting dessert then. By this point I've had it. I put one of my many gift cards I have for karyns (because my family all knows how much I *used* to love this place) in the check bill and my boyfriend tells me to go get the car and he'll continue to wait to be ignored, because I might just loose it. While I'm walking to the car, I totally forget where we've parked so it takes me a good 10 mins to find the car, after which my boyfriend calls me and said he just walked out because he was tired of waiting. There was about twice our bill on the card and we just left it there because it's not like we're going to come back to use it. We were there over 2 and a half painful hours. Awful awful experience. We don't get out as often as we'd like, so we were hoping to have a nice date night.

So, I have two other gift cards with about $150 left on them if anyone would like to sit forever and get crappy food. I sure as heck am not going to go back.

Food: Food
09/21/2015 3:34 pm

Do not come here if you have food allergies! I came in with a friend who notified the server of her allergies and had the server check that her dish would not contain any corn. The server assured us it would not. My friend’s pizza was brought to the table and she ate a slice before noticing there was cornmeal dusted all over the crust. When my friend called over the server (a different one than before), she was told that substance was not cornmeal. We asked what it was, and the server said he couldn’t tell us because he didn’t speak Spanish and thus could not talk to the kitchen staff. No one in your restaurant can speak to the cooks?!? Eventually he took the dish back and confirmed it was cornmeal. Karyn came over to our table but instead of apologizing profusely for the mistake, she offered my friend a bottle of her “enzymes” and told her that food allergies were simply a digestive imbalance. I’m sorry, but my friend’s serious health issue is not the moment to advertise your snake oil! An overall terrible experience. I’m vegan and want to support vegan businesses in this city, but I will never be back to Karyn’s.

Food: Food
07/05/2015 12:35 pm

I am so grateful for Karyn's Fresh Corner. I feel so alive when I eat there...my body is happy for the loving nourishment! I have been losing weight easily....buy a gallon of rejuvulac every time I am there to clear and rebuild my system.....I drink it every morning. The food is fresh and amazing!
Last week when I was there I had the new soft serve (completely natural and dairy free and even healthy) soft serve ice cream ...vanilla topped with coffee ice cream. OMG seriously. This is what I want for my birthday...more!!!!

Food: Food
02/23/2015 9:32 pm

Best colon therapists and facials in Chicago, IL - period! I have been a big fan of Karyn's for years and thought that I would give it a shout by writing this review. I have used many holistic services at Karyn's Spa and my all time favorites are colonics, infra red sauna and Myopulse facials. I like the ZEN atmosphere in the Spa and the staff makes you feel like you are part of a big family. There are not many places in Chicago where you can get this kind of special treatment and services that rejuvenate your body, mind and soul!

Food: Food
06/13/2013 4:01 pm

Went to this place only yesterday, even though I've been living close by for the past year. I love it! Th service was great. The waitress was super patient on trying to explain to us (a group of 7) all the details of their unusual menu. At least, unusual for me, but simply amazing. All the food was delicious, though I can see some eyes rolling when I say the words raw and vegan. The only dish I was not a huge fan was their Pad Thai. The place is a little small, so you might want to call them before going, just to guarantee. It's definitely one of my favorites places in Chicago now!

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