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Restaurant: Lori's Natural Foods

Address: 900 Jefferson Rd, Rochester (Monroe), New York (NY), 14623

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Phone: (585) 424-2323

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Food: Food
03/29/2015 3:41 pm

I have been looking for organic coffee that happens to be be flavored and decided to try Lori's. Upon arriving, after driving 40 minutes I find just what I had been looking for.. I then proceed to the machine to grind up my coffee to find a note that the grinder is for unflavored coffee only. I then find an associate to find out if they offer this coffee ground, she proceeds to tell me No, sorry but I'm sure if you took this to a coffee shop they would grind it for you...Really.. She then finds another associate and I politely say, why don't you have two grinders, one for flavored and one for non-flavored? His response to me was, well these machines are probably over 2,000. At this point I was completely aggravated, I ended up leaving the other items I planned on purchasing and exited the store. My recommendation to Lori's is to purchase another grinder. If you are going to offer both flavored and unflavored organic coffee then accommodate your clients.

Food: Food
02/16/2015 2:35 pm

If you have a gluten sensitivity or are dealing with a Chrohn's influenced diet this is the only place to shop in Rochester. They carry a myriad of products that cater to any food sensitivity as well beauty products that share the same standard of excellence. The owner is a really nice guy who is very down to earth and willing to help in anyway he can!

Food: Food
12/22/2014 3:26 pm

A great place to find specific, hard-to-find items. We like the chickpea and almond flour and go bonkers for their reasonable bulk items. Fruits and veggie selection is superior. They have a greenhouse on the side of the store that is quite nice to visit in the springtime.

Food: Food
08/03/2014 1:12 pm

They are very unreliable, and EXPENSIVE. I am very keen on supporting local. I drive from North Rochester to shop there, and I go way out of my way. However, their prices are always several dollars more then anywhere else. I spent $36 on *three* sandwiches. Three. That is worse then whole foods. Speaking of sandwiches, their prepared foods is completely unreliable, there have been many times I came buy to get lunch and their case is empty. Apparently they don't bother to put new things out until 2pm or later. Thats IF they do that day, which there is no deli schedule nor rhyme or reason. Which means you are paying top shelf money for day old sandwiches. If you get any at all. Lovely. Oh, and if you special order anything through their other departments. Expect to wait several months. I special ordered a supplement and it didn't come in for two months. I ended up ordering online and it was at my house in 6 days. I tried for many years to fully like them. I really did. I just find that more often then not I have bad experiences and excuses from them. They are expensive, never stocked, never organized, never can give more information like deli schedule so that you can get a chance to give them your business. They also give attitude.

Food: Food
06/24/2014 3:07 pm

For a city like Rochester, I can't really complain about Lori's, and I find them to be vastly better in selection than Abundance Co-Op. It's not the best, and a lot of what they sell is far from what I would consider to be "healthy" by my standards. However, when it comes to vitamins and other supplements, they offer a pretty decent selection though are rather poorly organized, going according to brand name vs. the actual supplement you're looking for. In that respect, I think Lori's could learn a thing or two from Vitamin Shoppe. And while there are usually people standing by offering to help you find what you're looking for, some of them have the tendency to be either rude, or pretentious to the point of being off-putting. The prices are OK, but not great. When it comes to food items, you can find a good deal of the same products at Wegmans for cheaper. Overall, I like Lori's despite its flaws and will continue shopping there.

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