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Restaurant: Mother Fool's Coffeehouse

Address: 1101 Williamson St, Madison (Dane), Wisconsin (WI), 53703

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Phone: (608) 259-1301

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2.8 based on 5 ratings
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06/10/2016 11:07 am

My wife came to Mother's Fool recently to have a tea and pick up a package (apparently Mother's Fool is a pick up location for UPS). After spending 20 minutes to find parking (the parking near Mother's Fool is horrible), she went inside for the tea and package. When my wife inquired about the package, she was immediately met with skepticism from a young man working at Mother's Fool. This young man not only insulted my wife by not believing that she was my wife (the package shipping address had my name) even though the package shipping address matched her home address on her driver's license that she provided but he also thought it was necessary to make a negative comment about my wife not sharing my name (she did not change her name after we got married) but he insisted on not believing she was my wife and that she should not be able to pick up the package. The young man finally realized the mistake he was making and my wife assured him it was ok just to be answered, "I know it's ok!" My wife was so upset after this situation she decided it was best to leave without the tea. What kind of Madison coffee house is this?! Highly unrecommended.

Food: Food
06/09/2016 4:10 pm

I would give Mother Fool's 0 stars if that was an option. My husband, Nathan Butler, also left a review for Mother Fool's below.

I went to Mother Fool's coffeeshop to pick up a UPS package (apparently they are the local package pickup station for our neighborhood, which is surprising because they are located across the Isthmus and not close to our home at all). I brought the package slip UPS had left at our home to the coffeeshop and asked the barista (the only employee in the shop) for the package. He asked for my ID and I gave him my Wisconsin driver's license, which lists as my home address the exact address to which the package was shipped. I explained the package was addressed to my husband, told him who the sender was (which was not on the UPS slip), and that the package was sent to the address on my ID with my husband's name as the recipient.

The barista *immediately* demanded to know why I did not have the same last name as my husband and challenged me saying he didn't believe me because we had different last names. I explained that I had not changed my name when we were married (thinking to myself why on Earth am I having to justify my marital choices to this total stranger??), but again pointed out the exact same address on my state-issued ID and identified the sender (and had already given him the UPS slip that had been left at our address).

The barista then stated that because *I did not have the same last name as my husband,* he did not think he could give me the package and that my husband would need to come pick it up himself. As a sidenote, this was not a package that required signature by the exact addressee - it was your run-of-the-mill order from a major online retailer and UPS had only attempted delivery at our home once.

I was flabbergasted. I again told the barista that the address was the same, offered to fill out/write down any of my information (scan my ID?), etc., which he eventually did. After much consternation expressed by the barista and continued emphasis from him on how he *couldn't* believe me because I did not share my husband's last name (again - please see my state-issued driver's license with the exact home address to which the package was shipped which I had already provided), the barista finally found the package and offered it to me.

At this point, there was a long line behind me for drinks and I was horrified and embarrassed. In the MANY years that my husband and I have been married, I have NEVER been challenged, belittled, and treated disrespectfully because I simply had a different last name than my husband. I was especially flabbergasted because of all places, I would NEVER expect this reaction from a local coffeeshop on Willie street. We have contacted the sender of the package and UPS to express our frustration that this shop is the local pickup point for packages in our neighborhood after the treatment I received.

I will never be a patron at this shop again. Please educate your baristas on how to treat customers with respect and dignity. I literally walked out of the store and had to collect myself because I was so upset and embarrassed.

Food: Food
02/25/2016 4:15 pm

You can tell this place was built from the ground up by loving hands. It's THE coziest cafe in Madison. I'm a cafe surfer and connoisseur, I know. The couches and chairs are clean, comfortable, and unique (obviously collected from years of meticulous thrifting, not a bulk purchase from IKEA). The coffee is AMAZING. I ask for some weird fusions of drinks, and they've always exceeded my expectations. Artwork is as gorgeous as it is snarky, handwritten notes everywhere. The employees are a colorful bunch and they're always very kind to me, make me feel welcomed in a genuine, charming way. It's funny, though, I don't think I've ever seen the same barista twice. The lighting is warm, amber, peeking out from a variety of vintage lampshades. Music selection is top notch (I always end up looking up the stuff I hear afterwards) and they have the CD out so you can see what's playing. I love it. Probably my favorite coffeeshop in the world, period.

Food: Food
01/25/2016 10:01 pm

It's an eclectic cafe with good coffee. I have found the baristas to be a bit distracted so it's advisable to make your presence known.

Food: Food
08/23/2015 11:40 pm

Maybe there are some rude baristas who work when I never come in, but I almost invariably experience excellent customer service and feel extremely welcome.

The coffee is excellent, the best I've had in Madison, and the cold-brew Iced Coffee is simply outstanding. Espresso and Capuccinos are supposed to be small-volume drinks. It's part of the way they're supposed to be prepared. (Really. Look it up.) Probably these folks should've ordered Lattes or Mochas, which are full-sized drinks.

I also love that I don't have to worry about anything not being fair-trade and/or earth-friendly, because they do all that work for me. I'm also a big fan of their bakery. I have to admit their Tea selection is wanting, though, both in quality and available varieties. And yes the plastic tea-infuser things do suck.

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