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Restaurant: Rivercenter Comedy Club

Address: 849 E Commerce St Ste 893, San Antonio (Bexar), Texas (TX), 78205

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Phone: (210) 229-1420

Website: shoprivercenter.com

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3.4 based on 5 ratings
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Food: Food
10/21/2015 11:53 pm

The two item minimum is standard in most comedy clubs so it didn't bother me. Been to River City a few times now and haven't had an issue. The isn't that great, but that is to be expected. The talent is always awesome which is why my wife and I go.

Food: Food
07/28/2015 7:15 am

I had a great time. it is what you make it. if you go with an attuide I guess its not for you , if you go stag its really not for you , if you are a cheap ass on a date it's really really not for you.

Food: Food
07/27/2015 12:00 am

It's like walking back into the nineties. But the performers were hilarious.

Food: Food
08/22/2014 4:38 am

This place is for tourists who don't know any better. The location is supreme and they get good headlining acts. It's too bad that all of that potential for being a cool place to go is wasted on this place.

Ugh, the 2 item minimum just makes me, the customer, feel cheap. It's so unsophisticated. I don't appreciate feeling like the establishment that I'm going to treating me like I am ripping them off before I even get in the door. I would rather pay a higher ticket price than be forced to purchase two things. Keep in mind, I normally order more than 2 things when I go out... I just don't like being forced to do so. It's is degrading.

We were seated prior to the show. A huge slide show is on the screen showing the upcoming acts. The same thing is on a flyer on your table. The same thing is on a calendar that is also on your table. It's also on the window outside the room. It's also everywhere else. I love commercials and repetitive slideshows as much as anyone, which is not at all. It's the worse kind of advertising. Unless if you are really familiar with one of those names going across the screen, it's just annoying and not at all an effective form of advertising. If you are going to advertise anything while I'm sitting for 20 minutes, at least show some skits of the upcoming performers. I'm sure they are on youtube.

Ok, so I am determined to enjoy myself regardless of the above 2 reasons. I try to justify the ridiculous 'must order 2 things" rule by telling myself that this is to help the wait staff or that the taxes on that property must by outrageous or some other non-justifiable reason. Also, I didn't eat dinner so I was looking forward to putting in an order. My date and I order a drink and a burger each. My waitress was professional while being friendly and had most of the liquor menu memorised. So far so good, until I get the burger. My date and I both received a burger that was burnt. Comedy Club, seriously, you force people to order from your very tiny menu and then serve a burnt burger. I don't mean it was really well done... I mean they were both burnt. There is no way that the cook didn't notice that they were both burnt unless if he or she is blind AND can't smell. This was a slow night (weekday show) and there is really no excuse for 2 burned burgers to get plated. The fries are like those frozen fries that you get in grade school. I think that I figured out the mystery of the minimum order of 2 things... their food is awful. No one would order it otherwise.

Ugh, I am also going to mention that the food menu consists of 10 items. I am not complaining about that, I like a small menu. I just don't understand how someone working in that kitchen doesn't feel like every single item should be phenomenal since they only offer 10 items to choose from. If they would strive for phenomenal, they might get edible... which would be an improvement.

Comedy Club, If a place sells good food, people go there to be entertained and to eat. They pay for that. A place doesn't have to try to force them. People willingly pay for dinner every day. If it's really good, they will revisit that place. Conversely, people do not revisit a place that has bad food and where they are treated like they are lower class.

Ugh, the MC was not funny. Very few people in the audience were laughing at his jokes. I was wondering if he was the MC or some comedian who was trying out new material on us. If his idea of warming up the crowd is for the audience to sit in their seats and think to themselves, "I wish this guy would stop and the show would stop", then he did a great job.

If I could give 0 stars, I would still give the place one star. It's clean, the headliners were good, and my waitress was excellent. I assume that she was trained somewhere else. The next time that I want to see a comedy performance, I'll go to Austin.

Food: Food
05/15/2012 6:16 am

Horrible. This place is stuck in an 80's time warp. There is automatic 15% gratuity on EVERY check no matter how many people. This allows the waiters to be very rude since they r guaranteed something. May 14th 2012 there was a female MC. She and the mic were soooo loud I still have a headache. It was unbearable to listen to her. And her friends were sitting at our table falling asleep drunk in between yelling rude things at the performers. One good comedian out of 5 (Clifton). Don't bother...sorry

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