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Restaurant: Yoshi's Restaurant

Address: 4050 N Central Ave, Phoenix (Maricopa), Arizona (AZ), 85012

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Phone: (602) 274-6470

Website: yoshisonline.com

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2.4 based on 5 ratings
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Japanese, Asian
Food: Food
09/22/2015 4:11 pm

They used to be so great, that I would stop here twice a week. But n ow everything comes burnt. Today is the last time I eat here for a long time. If I wanted burned orange chicken I would try to cook it myself. It used to be golden and juicy perfect chicken. Now it's burnt and dried and not worth the money.

Food: Food
08/17/2015 7:37 pm

Love this place but needs a makeover food is great

Food: Food
08/17/2015 4:04 pm

Nice girl workers there but they uglify/freakify themselves with multiple piercings and tattooing. Blehhh!! Mr. Yoshi, cleanup the freak show please. Food good though.

After 3pm, mostly inner-city, rough-looking and gang-type teens were in there. Not comfortable at all with this, with my family with me....

Food: Food
07/09/2015 11:33 pm

I live & work in uptown Phoenix and would eat here everyday & the food was delicious....I'm not sure what changed but recently my chicken has been coming out BURNT!!! The flavor is not what it use to be and the chicken doesn't even taste like chicken!!! what's going on???? I wish I could post this picture of my chicken

Food: Food
07/10/2014 12:54 am

I wanted some inexpensive Japanese fast food, and after reading the reviews of Ichi Bowl and Kyoto Bowl, I decided to drive the extra 3 miles and go to Yoshis on Central.What a mistake. I arrived to the restaurant to see people inside, though I was told the lobby / dining room closed at 8:00 PM and so as I arrived at the drive thru microphone, I gave my order, stating I wanted 2 small salads, 2 spring rolls, 2 Miso soups, 2 Cucumber and avocado rolls, 2 California rolls and 1 order of steamed vegetables. First of all, it's 8:20 PM and they don't close for 40 minutes, so I am floored to hear the girl tell me I can't have the Cucumber avocado rolls, because they don't have any. I'm not stupid enough to argue about the fact that the lazy person inside should make them fresh right now, it only takes about 2 minutes if you're inexperienced and slow. Then she tells me I can't have the California rolls, because they're out. Then I order the Alaska rolls but she tells me I can only have one order because that's all they have.
Let me tell you, I get to the window and the 3 vehicles that were behind me one by one end up leaving the drive thru microphone and driving right out of the lot, leaving without buying food. I get to see the girl at the window but keep my cool and wait for her to hand me my purchase of mostly what I was allowed to get, not what I drove 11 miles for. Now, I politely tell her, "The time it took you to have me sit here and overheat my car, waiting for this simple order, I personally could have made nearly one dozen full california rolls, which for about $2. of material, you now have 30 orders since one order is now only 4 pieces or slices of roll. The fact that you are a restaurant and you tell me you can't give me what is on your menu, is a shame. Tell whoever the lazy person behind you, to get off his ass and do his or her job or get out of the kitchen! " I also said, "I want you to know how far I drove to be here and how I feel about this experience. I also want you to know that if you don't make food for patrons, the boss doesn't make any money and therefore, no longer needs your lazy butt, so go find another place to free load for free pay!" I also let her know that this message is coming from management, although I am not affiliated with this restaurant, I am trained in the restaurant management field and as of 6 months ago, was going to open a large restaurant but decided not to, due to exactly this type of potential employee/ loser.
These young people think the world owes them something! They wanted $15 per hr to stand around like this at Mcdonalds, and they are being answered with robot replacements across the country now. What next?
To top it off, the 8 little pieces of california roll I got and was charged for Alaskan roll, were terribly evident of sitting around out of temp and were worse than what I have experienced in the chinese buffet with the mexican guy who learned sushi from the korean guy, who had no idea what he was doing. Then, the Miso soup was cold and was back filled with lettuce, which has absolutely no reason for being in Miso soup. I couldn't even find words to explain this to my wife, who tossed up the two spring rolls and said they didn't taste like spring rolls should taste. Bottom line here, TERRIBLE SERVICE, TERRIBLE TACTICS FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE ALTOGETHER, AWFUL FOOD AND A TOTAL WASTE OF FUEL, TIME AND $13.
I was a customer at No. 5134 (4000 blk N. Central Ave Phoenix, Az) at 20:17 July 9th, 2014 ORDER #27832 Drive Thru This not only insulted me, but angered me and didn't deserve my money or time. Avoid this trap folks!!! Sorry for the owner, but he obviously doesn't know how to manage his business or doesn't give a darn about customers. Screw this!!!

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